The Hook

Every once in a while a technology or device is introduced into the world that changes everything. Having an eye for this before others wake up to the same resolution is what makes investors tick.

When I first heard of cryptocurrency It was not actually Bitcoin itself that I heard of first, It was DogeCoin. The Facebook post I saw from a computer enthusiast I was friends with read, “Dogecoin up 300 percent in 2 days!”. This got my attention and I dug a little deeper to find out that the cryptocurrency was based on a meme of a cute odd looking dog which was a Shiba Inu. The community based around this coin was like nothing I had ever discovered on the internet before. People were incredibly friendly and tipped each other micro amounts of this internet token. Even going as far as to sponsor a NASCAR driver in the united states as well as a Jamaican bobsled team. The excitement and addiction of contributing to this community was incredible, but it wasn’t the token that brought us together, it was the technology.

The ability to send microtransactions to other people around the globe was not realistic before Bitcoin changed everything. A transaction in a traditional banking environment comes with fees, restrictions and the enforcement of revealing who you are, what you are doing and with whom. This problem has been solved through blockchain technology.

Hyper-Inflation and corruption have lead to civil war in places like Venezuela where a wheelbarrow full of trillion dollar bills buys you a loaf of bread. This happens so slowly over time that people do not revolt and accept the fact that the governments they vote into power are directly stealing from your back wallet in the form of printing more cash. This dilutes the money supply to the point of $20 could buy you a trolly worth of groceries in the early nineties as compared to a few items today.

Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin in 2009 it is almost 2019 and the amount of technology that has sprouted from this revolution is mind-boggling. There are billions of people around the world that haven’t the resources or access to banks that are now able to transact and trade anywhere in the world with a simple smartphone. This opens up the opportunity to become apart of something bigger for people everywhere that were once cut off from the luxuries the western world does not think twice about.

Discovering this technology has changed my life and It has changed the world, people just don’t know it yet.

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