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When I go to a website for a specific purpose, either to choose a product I’m wanting to buy or an article I’m interested in reading, there is nothing worse than being overwhelmed with irrelevant information to the purpose I was originally seeking.

This post in & of itself is not cryptocurrency related. I’m imagining someone who has recently subscribed to my website’s CRYPTO BLOG arriving to find this article of reflection and being rather confused. This is a small part of my blogging research for a tertiary class I am undertaking and kind of defeats the theme I was going for with the layout of the blog.

I like to have immediate information presented to me after clicking a link. That is why I have chosen a theme that hides almost everything except the blog post you are focusing on. The sidebar hides away but still presents the title BifoCrypto at the top of any page in the site to let the reader know they are still at the right location. The most likely option a reader will do is click directly on a blog post link. There is no confusing sidebar text that has to be determined not relevant or a massive menu with lots of hierarchical submenus. It is just the article with a title, some noninvasive color themes that are easy reading with an option to like, share or comment at the bottom of the post. And only then if the reader has finished absorbing the content they originally came for, they are presented with a triple line symbol in the top left-hand corner indicating there is more content if they wish to pursue it. I don’t believe in tricking people into content they do not wish to see and in my opinion has the opposite effect of annoyance/frustration. The user is always one click away from leaving your site.

This is the way I think I portray myself in the real world with an opinionated but humble persona without inforcing information onto people that do not want it. The cryptocurrency enthusiast (as I class myself), is known for this bad habit of forcing the information at any gap in the conversation, relevant or not, they usually find a way to turn any convo into a crypto rant. So if someone asks me a question about crypto I have no problem answering, but in terms of the sidebar menu theme I have chosen for this blog, I won’t continue unless genuine interest to hear more is established.

2 thoughts on “Reflection, Course Work Blog 1

  1. BTW, you may wish to re-name your coursework blogs to the ones that will be marked, such as “My Personal Brand” and “Managing Online Identity”


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