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The FREE Internet is going underground!

Youtube, Google, Facebook, and most importantly Memes! are among just a few examples of the groups of people or companies that will be affected by the new directive that has passed through the European Union.

What is this directive and who passed it? Essentially in lamens terms, this is a group of countries and their representative individuals that connect to pass laws that are applied to all counties involved, “world lawmakers”. The particular parts of this new  Copyright law of the European Union that was passed, kills the fair use laws that currently exist. This is completely ridiculous! and creates a hypersensitive internet that cripples the current infrastructure based around sharing content worldwide for open reuse or collaboration. Imagine every single Youtube video of old songs or movie clips being removed because of this, or even google having to delete millions or even billions of links as the content has been auto-moderated to not come from the one particular artist. I’m absolutely astounded the countries governments involved think this is a realistic or achievable thing to pull off. This link for example 

is an illegal connection on the European union’s new laws eyes. Article 11 and Article 13 from the passed derivative are the two main changes that are so controversial. Imagine not being able to share content with your friends on Facebook, maybe a favorite movie clip on Youtube, or a Meme that has a screenshot of a movie scene in the background!


An example of the old free open use was taken from a license creator here  Creative Commons License where you can let the reader of your content know how you wish for it to be used in a CC license, while picking and choosing certain criteria about using the content with specific use cases, including not being able to profit from the content shared or be able to change it.

The days of a free open internet are slowly becoming censored by the government binding together to pass laws that the people do not want. This is why you have not heard of this until today. The officials very quickly and sneakily voted today and won, 438 votes for the new directive to 226 against the changes as shown in the image below.

So, what if you don’t agree with this new way of the internet being governed heavily? Move to a country that does not follow the European Unions international laws or go underground.

This is a circumvention that the crypto world is already working on. There are plenty of projects (including the Oyster Shell network) that are currently working hard in preparation for this change. An over-governing big brother getting its hands into every aspect of the value of information is a bad thing. Restricting the free sharing of information will slow down the advancement of positive change and not being able to communicate on a free-flowing medium like the internet for fear of prosecution, is a horrible step back in what the internet has allowed us to do as a single collective.

As one network of communication is shut down by authorities through “laws”, another will rise better and stronger through technological advancements like decentralized networks.

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