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The FREE Internet is going underground!

Youtube, Google, Facebook, and most importantly Memes! are among just a few examples of the groups of people or companies that will be affected by the new directive that has passed through the European Union.

What is this directive and who passed it? Essentially in lamens terms, this is a group of countries and their representative individuals that connect to pass laws that are applied to all counties involved, “world lawmakers”. The particular parts of this new  Copyright law of the European Union that was passed, kills the fair use laws that currently exist. This is completely ridiculous! and creates a hypersensitive internet that cripples the current infrastructure based around sharing content worldwide for open reuse or collaboration. Imagine every single Youtube video of old songs or movie clips being removed because of this, or even google having to delete millions or even billions of links as the content has been auto-moderated to not come from the one particular artist. I’m absolutely astounded the countries governments involved think this is a realistic or achievable thing to pull off. This link for example 

is an illegal connection on the European union’s new laws eyes. Article 11 and Article 13 from the passed derivative are the two main changes that are so controversial. Imagine not being able to share content with your friends on Facebook, maybe a favorite movie clip on Youtube, or a Meme that has a screenshot of a movie scene in the background!


An example of the old free open use was taken from a license creator here  Creative Commons License where you can let the reader of your content know how you wish for it to be used in a CC license, while picking and choosing certain criteria about using the content with specific use cases, including not being able to profit from the content shared or be able to change it.

The days of a free open internet are slowly becoming censored by the government binding together to pass laws that the people do not want. This is why you have not heard of this until today. The officials very quickly and sneakily voted today and won, 438 votes for the new directive to 226 against the changes as shown in the image below.

So, what if you don’t agree with this new way of the internet being governed heavily? Move to a country that does not follow the European Unions international laws or go underground.

This is a circumvention that the crypto world is already working on. There are plenty of projects (including the Oyster Shell network) that are currently working hard in preparation for this change. An over-governing big brother getting its hands into every aspect of the value of information is a bad thing. Restricting the free sharing of information will slow down the advancement of positive change and not being able to communicate on a free-flowing medium like the internet for fear of prosecution, is a horrible step back in what the internet has allowed us to do as a single collective.

As one network of communication is shut down by authorities through “laws”, another will rise better and stronger through technological advancements like decentralized networks.


Lighting Network is the future of payments!


This looks like a simple QR code advertisement in a window, which it is… except for the technology behind it. There are 4 QR codes displayed on a screen outside of a cafe window each with the current price of the coffee updated in BTC, in real time. Let’s say you want the “Blockaccino” for $4.60, you simply open up your smartphone with a Lighting Network Bitcoin wallet, scan the QR code to make an instant payment and walk inside to retrieve your order. This is perfect for the anti-social basement Bitcoin geek, you don’t even have to talk to people to grab a coffee!

This is a combination of every brilliant advancement in blockchain payments to make instantaneous and essentially free transactions between two parties and all without an intermediary bank saying its OK.

How this all works is incredibly simple for the end user but involves some brilliantly crafted decentralized software called the Lighting Network. A 2nd layer protocol that runs on top of Bitcoin providing instant payments with other Lighting Network participants. A high-level look at how this works is by creating a payment channel that Bitcoin funds can transfer from account to account inside for free until the payment channel is closed and a broadcast is sent to the blockchain settling the exchange of bitcoin. A simpler way of imagining this is to have a group of friends standing outside of a bank, they have cash and are making bets on a dice game, while freely exchanging money back and forth as much as they want to play the game. When the players agree they want to stop playing the game and put their cash into the bank they all agree and deposit the funds into their respective bank accounts.

The QR codes are generated automatically every 217 seconds to ensure Bitcoin prices match the dollar equivilant. If a payment is received before the time is up the transfer is accepted and a receipt on your smartphone or device is generated for proof of purchase. All the customer has to do is walk inside and wait for their order number to be called out.


Reflection, Course Work Blog 1

When I go to a website for a specific purpose, either to choose a product I’m wanting to buy or an article I’m interested in reading, there is nothing worse than being overwhelmed with irrelevant information to the purpose I was originally seeking.

This post in & of itself is not cryptocurrency related. I’m imagining someone who has recently subscribed to my website’s CRYPTO BLOG arriving to find this article of reflection and being rather confused. This is a small part of my blogging research for a tertiary class I am undertaking and kind of defeats the theme I was going for with the layout of the blog.

I like to have immediate information presented to me after clicking a link. That is why I have chosen a theme that hides almost everything except the blog post you are focusing on. The sidebar hides away but still presents the title BifoCrypto at the top of any page in the site to let the reader know they are still at the right location. The most likely option a reader will do is click directly on a blog post link. There is no confusing sidebar text that has to be determined not relevant or a massive menu with lots of hierarchical submenus. It is just the article with a title, some noninvasive color themes that are easy reading with an option to like, share or comment at the bottom of the post. And only then if the reader has finished absorbing the content they originally came for, they are presented with a triple line symbol in the top left-hand corner indicating there is more content if they wish to pursue it. I don’t believe in tricking people into content they do not wish to see and in my opinion has the opposite effect of annoyance/frustration. The user is always one click away from leaving your site.

This is the way I think I portray myself in the real world with an opinionated but humble persona without inforcing information onto people that do not want it. The cryptocurrency enthusiast (as I class myself), is known for this bad habit of forcing the information at any gap in the conversation, relevant or not, they usually find a way to turn any convo into a crypto rant. So if someone asks me a question about crypto I have no problem answering, but in terms of the sidebar menu theme I have chosen for this blog, I won’t continue unless genuine interest to hear more is established.